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If you are a long time reader of this blog, you may have noticed a change in my burger-review-posting frequency. Writing this blog went from a small hobby to a large passion in a short amount of time. I couldn’t get enough of the experience of going to new places, sharing food and great times with friends, and writing all about it. Even after my big move from Houston back to Minnesota, I still wanted to go and experience burgers and share it with all of you. This blog was a great outlet in a very stressful time in my life.

Then I got busy. I began to distract myself in a different way with a different outlet: Podcasts.

I moved in with my friend, Tyler, at the beginning of 2014. Tyler lived in a one bedroom apartment in Richfield. He offered up his couch for my transition back to Minnesota. “Stay as long as you need, Bruce.” Little did he know, I would be there for 10 months. As a way to fill my time and cope with stress, I asked Tyler and my friend Jeremy if they’d be willing to start a podcast with me. I was huge fan of listening to podcasts, so why not make the jump to making my own? They agreed. I went and bought as much equipment as I could afford (microphones, stands, cables, audio mixer), and I dusted off my old Dell laptop. We set up a small “studio” on Tyler’s rickety, red, 60s-diner-style kitchen table, then sat down with some beers and started to record. We had no plan, no topics, no experience. And it was fun as hell.

For the past three years my extra time and energy has been devoted to recording and producing Bruce Juice Podcast. (*shameless plug* follow @brucejuicepod on twitter!) While still living with Tyler, we recorded weekly. I got a high from doing the show. I still do. We talk about nothing, and yet I find it extremely entertaining to record and listen to. An audio record now exists of my conversations with awesome friends. I can always go back and relive those memories. Some people like to journal or make home movies. I like to record podcasts.

While I was busy with the podcast, my blog was still there. Waiting for me to write in it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t forget about it, and I didn’t stop eating burgers. I just never took the time to get back to it. Until recently when my girlfriend, Kelsey, and I took a trip to Houston. I showed her the places I used to go and what I had written about. She suggested that we go find a new burger place. And my blog came back to life. Kelsey is a writer, by the way, so of course she would push me to write. I’m glad she did.

Kelsey gets my brain going in very creative ways. She encourages me to come up with different ways I can express myself whether it be podcasting, making art, or writing. So when it comes to this blog, I have to keep moving forward. I’ve devoted a lot of time, energy, and resources to it. There are a thousand ideas I have bouncing around in my head about what to do. What better way to move forward than to use all of my resources? Who says a blog is something you can only read? I’ve got all of this recording equipment already…

I ran an idea by Kelsey on a Friday afternoon. What if we created a new podcast? We could talk about the burger scene in the Twin Cities, revisit some old reviews that I’ve written, talk about burgers on our travels, interview people, have guests. The possibilities are endless. An hour later I found myself setting up a studio getting ready to record.

So here it is: Burger Radio. Everything you love about Bruce’s Burger Blog and more. (Cheddar cheesy, I know, yum!)

If you are a fan, do yourself a favor and subscribe on iTunes (or wherever you listen to podcasts), visit our website, follow us on twitter @BurgerRadioPod.

Click here for our first episode!

Now, understand, this is by no means the end of Bruce’s Burger Blog. In fact it is just a new beginning. Stay Tuned!


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