Tasty Burger- Harvard Square -Cambridge, MA


Harvard. The epitome of excellence all summed up in one name. This bustling college campus is known for its collegiate greatness. And located only a few steps away, in Harvard Square, is another establishment striving for greatness: Tasty Burger.

Tasty Burger doesn’t bury the lede when it comes to their product. Customers can only assume that they will have a tasty burger experience by the name alone. Does Tasty Burger live up to its name?

I headed to Tasty Burger for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. After exploring the city of Boston, and taking the train out to the Samuel Adams Brewery for a tour, I was starving. As I came out of the subway station, I had only one place in mind. I had walked past it a few times on my trip and was eager to try it. The bright red colors of the sign, the white open kitchen space, and the transparent floor to ceiling windows all set the stage for what looked like an amazing burger joint.

The first things I noticed when I walked through the door were the smell and the sound. Hot seared beef was sizzling loud enough to fill the restaurant with that wonderful noise. The smell of the meat and the hot fries filled the air. I ordered a bacon cheese burger, fries, and a Coke and took a seat. The food was ready after about 10 minutes.

The burger came wrapped in paper and the fries in a fry box all on a plastic red tray. So far so good. I unwrapped the burger and saw the melted cheese still bubbling on the hot beef. Yum. The bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion all stood tall. The bun was soft and toasted.

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Bite one: Buttery. The beef and the bun. My mouth was filled with a smooth buttery taste and feel. The beef was expertly seared to a medium-well. Nice crust, perfect texture, and the exact amount of red that I like in my burger. Everything about this burger satisfied my needs.

Tasty Burger has delivered on its promise of its namesake.

The fries were hot and crispy. I added ketchup this time just to change things up. No complaints.

This place is perfect for a quick lunch, or a late night snack to sober up. And college students rejoice: its not that expensive! With an enormous menu of burgers, dogs, chicken, fries, and shakes, Tasty Burger doesn’t disappoint. Order at the counter, or head downstairs for a few beers and table service. If you are in Boston take advantage of their 3 locations. You won’t regret it!
Tasty Burger on Urbanspoon
Tasty Burger
40 Jfk St
Cambridge, MA 02138


2 thoughts on “Tasty Burger- Harvard Square -Cambridge, MA

  1. If you are ever back they have a Rise ‘n Shine burger with an egg on it that is great if you go for that sort of thing. The best is that it’s open till 4 am so you can have it after a long night or if you get up really early as breakfast!

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