Bar Louie – The Woodlands, TX


Last week I visited Bar Louie in The Woodlands, TX. Bar Louie is a trendy bar with several locations throughout the country. They serve many custom cocktails and martinis alongside thier menu of small plates, appetizers, sandwiches and burgers. The location in The Woodlands sits right on the Waterway next to several other establishments.

My sole purpose of this visit was to check out their Tuesday night special: $1 burgers from 5pm-Close (With the purchase of a beverage). That sounds like a great deal. $1? For a non-fast food burger? They had my attention. I gathered some friends and met up at around 6:30.

I was astounded by the number of people in the bar. Unfortunately, the patio seating was unavailable due to the weather. We quickly grabbed the first table we saw, which happened to be a small high top. These tables usually seat 1-4  people, but we had no other choice than to make it work for 6.

I ordered their $1 burger with bacon and cheddar cheese. I also ordered fries and tater tots. Everyone else at the table ordered the special burgers as well.

The food came out after about half an hour. It was a little longer of a wait than I had wanted, but was expected. The food looked good. Everything was hot and ready to eat! There was little room at the table for all of the food so a little bit of shifting around took place.

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My burger was ok. It was pretty much what I had expected. The bun was good and toasty, cheese was melty, and the bacon was thick and perfectly cooked. The burger, however, was almost flavorless. It tasted like beef, but was not well seasoned and slightly overcooked. I am not sure if they use the same beef for their regular burgers or not.

But like it says, these burgers were only $1. Well….$1 for the burger and then extra charges for every topping. When it was all said and done, my bacon cheeseburger was around $3.50 + $4.00 for fries. Add in the drink and we are looking at around $9 for the entire meal. This isn’t much less than ordering from the menu

The fries were average. They were seasoned, so that is a plus. The tater tots were awesome. Nice and crispy and not too soft in the middle.

However, Bar Louie does offer a happy hour that overlaps the start of their burger special. So, if you are in need of a place with a good menu of drink deals after a long day at the office, swing by Bar Louie with some co-workers. And, if it happens to be Tuesday, grab a cheap burger and skip the fries.

PS- It is super loud in there. We had six people crammed around a small table, and we could not hear each other over the music. I’m not sure why they have it cranked up to 11. If it’s nice outside, I’d recommend sitting on the patio!
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