Newt’s – Rochester, MN


I recently visited Newt’s restaurant in Rochester, MN. Newt’s is a local landmark having served burgers for the past 30 years. It has also received many ‘Best Burger’ awards. Located downtown near the Mayo Clinic, Newt’s takes a unique approach to the burger joint and bar. Newt’s has menu stacked with custom burgers as well as mouthwatering sides and great cocktails.

I was lucky enough to catch up with some friends from high school and college on a Friday afternoon at Newt’s. We walked up the outside stairway up to the main door of the restaurant and entered into a small hallway next to the bar. We were immediately seated and our waiter brought over bowls of complimentary popcorn and took our drink order.

I looked over the menu and was surprised to see all of the fun and quirky burgers. There were giant burgers, small burgers, burgers smothered in peanut butter, spicy burgers and one burger so special I had to check it out: Mike D’s Fatty Melt. This burger came topped with fried onions, bacon, and dijon mayo between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Two grilled cheese sandwiches- instead of buns. Two. Grilled Cheese. Sandwiches.

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Our food came rather quickly. The waiter set the basket down in front of me and the smell of cheese and butter filled the air. I couldn’t wait to try this beast. I took my first bite and got a mouthful of grilled cheese goodness. No burger though. I am not usually a burger cutter, but for this bad boy I was. I took my second bite from the middle this time and found the burger to be nicely cooked to medium well. The cheese, and bacon made for a very savory taste while the onions provided a bit of sweetness.

This burger started off really good! But with every bite I took it became harder and harder to eat. I hate to say this, but, there was too much cheese. It completely overtook the flavor of the meat after a while. And I really was missing the nice taste of a fresh bun. The grilled cheese sandwiches were soaked in butter and all of the texture had been sucked from the bread.

I had no complaints of the fries. Nice, hot, salted.

If you are in Rochester and are looking for a great burger, look no further than Newt’s!

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