Blue Door Pub – St. Paul, MN


While on my recent visit to Minnesota I made a stop at the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul. The Blue Door Pub, located on Selby Ave., is a local burger joint known for its massive burgers and famous Blucy Burgers (ala Jucy Lucy- Stuffed Burgers). It is a very small hole in the wall type place that caters to anyone looking for a burger or a brew.

I visited the Blue Door Pub with few  friends. We arrived around dinnertime and I wasn’t surprised to see the place packed. I was, however, surprised to see how small it was. I saw only a few tables and booths crammed in to this little corner building. Every seat was taken at the bar and every table was filled. It was standing room only. We put our name in for a table.

We waited for about 30 minutes before we were seated. Our hostess put us in a corner table with little elbow room. We dove right into the menu to look at what was offered. The table agreed that appetizers were needed! We were hungry. We ordered fried green beans and spam bites.

The fried green beans were delicious. Nicely breaded and tasted fresh. They were served with a cup of ranch dressing for dipping. I thought they could have used more salt.


The Spam Bites were the bomb! I love Spam, so naturally I enjoyed these bad boys. Diced pieces of spam covered in cream cheese, breaded, fried, and topped with a pickle. Yum. Aside from the pickle, these were my new favorite appetizer.


Next was the burger. I decided to order one of their Blucy Burgers: The Bacon Blucy. This burger had diced bacon and cheddar cheese stuffed inside of the beef patty. The burger was very well presented. The bun was toasted nicely and the burger was thick! I couldn’t wait to get into this monster.

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At first the taste was wonderful. The flavor of the cheese played well with the beef. However, this burger was too salty. It could have been due to the bacon inside. It was also over-cooked. This seems to be typical of stuffed burgers. Many people tend to over cook the meat to ensure that the filling gets up to a safe temperature. I was a little more than disappointed with this burger. I had heard so many good things about the Blue Door. It was a let down.

I may have just shown up on an off day. This place was featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network, so I may give it another try next time I’m in town. Next time I think I’ll stick with a regular hamburger as well!

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