I Love Burgers – Las Vegas, NV


I recently visited I ♥ Burgers at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I ♥ Burgers is a local burger joint with two locations in Las Vegas. They serve up gourmet and specialty burgers in a fast and upscale environment. Their assortment of burgers is extensive as is the selection of sides, salads, and shakes.

I was fortunate enough to visit Las Vegas for the second time while on a family reunion vacation in Laughlin, NV. Vegas is only about an hour and a half drive from Laughlin, so it made for a perfect day trip. I headed to Vegas and arrived shortly after noon, parked at the Bellagio, and watched the fountain show before heading to the Palazzo.

The restaurant is located in the shopping mall of the Palazzo Hotel. As we turned the corner towards the restaurant, my anticipation exploded. The entrance was fun and inviting. I was a fan of the sign right off the bat. The heart symbol almost left the name ambiguous: “I Heart Burgers,” or, “I Love Burgers,”? Either way we were in for a treat.

We were seated at a large high top table in the center of the restaurant. We had a clear view of the kitchen and bar. The decor was simple and playful. Bold solid colored walls with little design or patterns made for a very clean look. We looked over the menu and our waitress took our order.

I decided on the i ♥ bacon burger. This burger comes with a brisket and applewood smoked bacon grind, topped with bacon, bacon mayo, smoked gouda, and fried onion strings. Sounded great to me! I was torn on which side to get. They offered several types of fries as well as tots. I decided to keep it simple and get fries.

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Our food took a little longer than I was expecting. Our waitress seemed to be very busy as the restaurant was packed full. Once the food arrived I was astounded by the presentation. The burger was put together very well. It stood tall on a plain white plate alongside a pickle slice. I looked at the top of the burger and found a nice surprise. The top bun had been branded with “i ♥ burgers.” What a fun touch!

I took a big first bite into the burger and was not disappointed. The meat was fantastic! It had a juicy bite without being overly greasy or messy. The bacon mayo made for a really sweet aftertaste. The sweetness was wonderful at first, but eventually became overpowering. I was a fan of the onion strings on the burger, but they could have been crispier if they had gone on top of the burger rather than underneath.

The fries were ok. They weren’t anything too special. These tots were the bomb! Hot, crispy, and salty. What more could you ask for? (Gravy, maybe…)

If you are in the mood for a good burger joint and happen to be close to the Palazzo hotel in Vegas, make this your first choice!

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