TX Burger – Madisonville, TX


Last week we visited TX Burger in Madisonville, TX. TX Burger is a local chain of fast food restaurants with 11 locations throughout Eastern Texas. TX Burger serves up burgers, fries, and shakes with a no B.S. attitude. They use Nolan Ryan hormone free beef as well as Blue Bell Ice Cream in their shakes.

Tyler and myself stopped here on our recent trip to Minnesota. We had only been on the road for a short time before we stopped. I had never seen or heard of TX Burger, so when I saw the sign I was immediately drawn to it. We pulled off in Madisonville and took a left turn instead of the normal right turn to Buc-ees.

As we parked the car, the first thing I noticed was a giant slogan painted on the side of the building, “ALL BEEF, NO BULL”. Heck yes, I’m in. The menu was enormous. I decided on a TX Burger with fries.

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We had a seat outside at a picnic table on the patio. Our food came after about 10 minutes. The fries were hot and the food was presented well. I opened my burger and it seemed to be put together well, which is a plus to me especially at a fast food restaurant. I was pleased with the taste of the beef. It was seasoned well and the cheese was nice and melted between the patties. The meat could have been a bit juicier for me. Other that that I had no complaints for the burger. I thought the fries were great. Hot, crispy and seasoned- I was happy.

I would almost compare this place to Whataburger. The burgers have  a similar taste and texture to the ones at Whataburger.

If you are heading through Eastern Texas and want fast food, I would recommend TX Burger over any other chain. It is definitely worth the stop!

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