(CLOSED) Hubbell and Hudson- The Woodlands, TX


Today I visited the sandwich and burger bar inside of the Hubbell and Hudson Grocery Store in the Woodlands, TX. Hubbell and Hudson is an upscale specialty food store. It is reminiscent of Whole Foods (if you’ve been there you know), where everything is overpriced and you can drink while you shop! Attached to the store is a bistro that serves up gourmet dishes at a not so reasonable price. However, if you are in the mood for a good sandwich or burger, Hubbell and Hudson offers up their sandwich and burger bar located in the center of the store.

This place is on my list of burger spots to hit up. One of their burgers was recently featured in Houstonia Magazine as the best Tejano burger in Houston. Since it was one of the closest places to where we are located this was an awesome option for lunch.

As I approached the bar I took a look at the menu. They offer up several burgers as well as a dozen or so sandwiches. And, contrary to the rest of the store and the bistro, the prices are reasonable. I decided to try the Southwest Chipotle Poblano Burger. This is the burger that was featured in the Houstonia Magazine. The burger comes with a six-ounce burger made from Angus ribeye, sirloin, and brisket rubbed down with a chipotle seasoning. It is topped with Mozzarella cheese, poblano hummus, roasted poblano pepper, red onion, and tomato. I also ordered french fries.

I placed my order and grabbed a drink from the drink cooler. Hubbell and Hudson does offer a plethora of options when it comes to beverages. There are countless beers, and wines for sale as well as dozens of types of micro-brewed sodas. I cannot reccommend the Maine Root company’s Blue Berry Soda enough. This stuff is like liquid crack. “So good I had two.” (I will be submitting that to them to use on their labels.)

I waited for about fifteen minutes before my number was called. I was getting a little anxious and hungry to be waiting this long. Especially at a counter. I went down and got my meal. Pulled the burger and fries out of the bag to see that the fries were piping hot and seasoned well! Nice, crisp, and steaming hot.

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Next, the burger….Wrong order. Not my burger. I have to be honest: I was pissed. One of my biggest pet peeves is wrong orders at a restaurant. Check it before you wrap it, check it before you put it in the bag, don’t give me the wrong order…please. I was also torn. Should I just eat this burger? By the time I get my new one I’ll be starving and my fries are going cold. I decided to just go down and get my original order.

It was around another ten minutes before my CORRECT order came up. The gentleman working behind the counter was very nice and apologized, then got right to work on my order. Got the burger and headed back up stairs.

The burger looked wonderful. It was everything it said it was going to be. At first bite, I could feel and taste the juiciness of the meat. The patty was cooked perfectly, charred on the outside and medium well on the inside. All of the toppings mixed very well with the quality of the beef. There was one overpowering flavor though. The bun. The bun was a sweet challah bun. The sweetness of the bun offset the other flavors. Next time I would get a different type of bun like sourdough or a ciabatta roll.

I was pleased with this burger. I would say, for now at least, that this is one of the better burgers in the Woodlands. Was it worth all of the hassle of the wrong order? …..yes. But please Hubbell and Hudson: Don’t F it up again.

I also want to thank my friend Zach who gave me the Houstonia magazine! I will definitely be trying to hit up most of these places!

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2 thoughts on “(CLOSED) Hubbell and Hudson- The Woodlands, TX

  1. You can order the burger on whatever type of bread you want. Its about preference, the choices and pallets of people vary greatly. The sweet bun was meant to off set the heat of the poblano pepper. Thanks for sharing.

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