Red Robin – The Woodlands, TX

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This week I happened to eat at Red Robin in the Woodlands and figured I might as well do a review. Red Robin is a national burger chain restaurant. They are most known for their slightly annoying marketing campaign jingle: “REEEEED Robin! YUMMMM.” We’ll see if this holds true.

My wife and I headed here after her final band concert for the year. It was around 9:15 pm on a Tuesday. This is the first time I had been to a Red Robin. I came in to see that the walls were decorated with a mishmash of pictures and tchotchkes. The place was nearly empty (granted, we did not come at a typically busy time).

The menu had a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads in addition to sides and appetizers. I decided on a bacon cheeseburger with cheddar, mayo, lettuce, and ketchup. Nicole found a mushroom and Swiss burger.

The food arrived within about 20 minutes. This wait time seemed a bit long considering how many customers were there. The burger looked great. It came wrapped in paper alongside of the fries in a basket. Simple presentation, hopefully leading to a great burger.

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Hopefully. At first bite I noticed that my bun was not toasted. That is a minus right off the bat. The first thing that grabbed my tongue was the taste of lettuce. Let me repeat: lettuce, not the burger. The burger was so plain that the lettuce completely overtook the taste of the meat, so much so that I took all of the lettuce off. This did not help. The burger proved to be plain. There was almost no taste or to the meat. My patty was grey and luke warm.  I was definitely not impressed with this burger.

Nicole said that her burger was good. But this was due to the mushrooms and Swiss cheese, not the actual burger.

Red robin also serves the burgers along steak-cut fries. I hate steak-cut fries. I’m not sure if I know anyone who is nuts for steak-cut fries. The fries come with bottomless refills. Maybe they are just trying to get rid of their stock of these nasty bad boys so they can switch to regular fries. Maybe.

Overall, I would say skip Red Robin. I feel like even Chili’s or Applebees can produce a better tasting burger than Red Robin. Or hit up any fast food joint for a better tasting burger for a fraction of the price.

My new marketing campaign for Red Robin: “REEEEED Robin. YUCK.”

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2 thoughts on “Red Robin – The Woodlands, TX

  1. I have eaten at Red Robin twice. My first time and my last. This one was in Conneticut, About seven in the evening. Not to busy. TV’s going with some sports event. The manager and most of the help spending most of their time standing around watching the tube. Order finally taken and after a while a very bland burger and room temp limp fries arrive. They didn’t deserve a second chance.

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