Burger Boy- Conroe, TX

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This week I visited Burger Boy in Conroe, TX. Burger Boy is a local restaurant with two locations in Conroe. This is your typical greasy spoon/hole in the wall restaurant, serving up fresh burgers and deep fried goodies along with hand spun milkshakes.

Tyler and I went to Burger Boy at around one in the afternoon on Sunday. This was not my first visit here. Burger Boy is located only several blocks from the school where I work, so I am a (somewhat) frequent visitor. Of all the times I’ve been there I have never stepped foot inside. Burger Boy offers a drive thru as well as a walk up window.

Inside there are only about 10 tables. The decor is very plain and the building is not kept up very well. This is definitely not a place most would think to stop when driving by. I only wish the building looked as good as their burgers taste.

I ordered their new special: *The Big Boy. This was a 1/2 pound burger with onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, and two slices of pepper jack with mayo and mustard all on a ciabatta bun. I ordered mine sans mushrooms and tomatoes. My burger also came with curly fries and a cherry milkshake. Tyler went with the giant cheeseburger with curly fries and a banana shake.

*Tyler pointed out to me that my burger was almost the exact same thing as the Hot Mess Burger from Jack in the box.

We took our seats and the burgers came within 5 minutes. The burgers and fries were very simply wrapped in parchment paper. I opened my burger up to see a perfectly greasy burger with all the toppings I could dream to ask for. The ciabatta bun was a nice compliment to the fatty burger, but could have been better if toasted. The meat was cooked well done but was not overcooked. It tasted very savory due to the high fat content in the grind. The cheese and mayo melted together to take this burger to the next level.

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Tyler’s burger left a little more to be desired. He said that his almost tasted like a frozen patty rather than fresh beef. We took a closer look at the meat of both burgers and his did look like a formed patty while mine looked like a hand formed burger. Tyler also likes his burgers a little more pink than what he got.

Curly fries were hot and crispy. No complaints.

The milkshakes, in my opinion, were fantastic. They used soft serve and milk along with whatever flavor you choose. I know that many people would shun milkshakes that are not made with real ice cream, but this cherry shake is the best I’ve ever had. And I should know. I used to work at DQ.

Burger Boy is a legit burger place. They don’t pretend to be anything that they are not. They serve up great tasting burgers at a very low price. If you are in Conroe and want to indulge on a fatty boom batty burger, head down to Burger Boy.

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Burger Boy on Foodio54


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