Mooyah Burgers, Fries, and Shakes- Spring, TX

IMG_1620Today I visited Mooyah Burgers, Fries, and Shakes in Spring, TX. Mooyah is a small burger chain with three locations in the Houston area and several other locations in the Southern United States. Fresh burgers, hand cut fries, and real ice cream milk shakes are served up in a quick-serve setting.

My friend, Tyler, and I decided to grab a burger for lunch. We jumped in the car and talked about where we wanted to go. I have a list of burgers in the Conroe, Spring, and Houston area that I wanted to hit up so we headed to one of those spots only to find that it was closed on Sunday. Unwilling to admit defeat, we headed to another spot on my list. After about a half hour drive, we pull in and find this too is closed on Sunday.

We finally landed at our third spot on the list, Mooyah in Spring, TX located near Kroger on Rayford Rd. It was around 1:00 pm when we arrived so I wasn’t expecting any big crowds of people.  As soon as I cracked the front door of Mooyah a gust of air hit my nose with that sweet smell of fresh beef and fries. Damn. I was ready for a good burger. This place had a very familiar setup where the menu is on the wall and you order up at the counter. There were cards with the entire menu on them that we filled out and handed to the cashier. I went with a double burger (which is standard here) on a white bun with cheddar cheese, crispy fried onion strings, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and Mooyah sauce. My order came with fries and a drink. Tyler got a small burger (one patty) with everything on it, fries and a banana shake.

We took our seat at a booth. There were several cool things about the decor of this place. It was very inviting space with unique color scheme and lots of visual art on the wall. There was a cool “word wall” that described the way they portray themselves. There was also a wall with a chalkboard, similar to JerryBuilt Burgers in the Woodlands, next to big pictures of cows. I really liked the cow pictures for some reason.

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Our order numbers were called after about 5-10 minutes. The food came in a paper bag and I could already see the grease stains showing through. I peeked in the bag and saw that there were “bag fries.” Bag fries are those extra fries that escape the fry cup and chill at the bottom of the bag. Score!

The burger came wrapped in aluminum foil. When I pulled the burger out it stood about four inches tall. It was heavy like a little hamburger shaped brick wrapped in foil.  I unwrapped the burger to find the cheesy goodness spilling from the burger. Nice! The burgers were thin, but meaty. All of the flavors melded together very well. The Mooyah sauce was excellent as well. It tasted like a tangy mayo sauce. The bacon was the icing on the cake. REAL BACON! Not that fake McD microwave bacon. So good.

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The fries were very similar to Five Guys (If youv’e been to Five Guy’s you know). The kicker for me was that on the table, alongside the salt and pepper shakers was another shaker filled with some type of seasoning. It had to have been a mix of garlic powder, salt and some other type of seasonings. I sprinkled my fries with the seasoning and it was awesome. Don’t pass it up!

Tyler seemed to enjoy the burger as well. His only beef was that the burgers are a little too thin which makes them more susceptible to over cooking. But, our overall consensus was that this place could rival a Five Guy’s  any day.

My favorite part of this place, aside from the food, was the price. My meal was a little over $11. Mooyah is well worth the price. I would highly recommend making the drive out to Mooyah any day, lunch or dinner.

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