The Counter- Custom Built Burgers- The Woodlands, TX


This week I visited The Counter- Custom Built Burgers in The Woodlands, TX.  The Counter is a fairly new burger joint located in Market Square in The Woodlands. They serve up fresh burgers, chicken, buffalo, and vegan burgers with an uncountable number of different combinations of toppings and sauces. They also have several types of fries and shakes.

The weather outside was outstanding; clear skies and comfortable temperature. It was the epitome of a perfect weather. I arrived around noon and The Counter wasn’t as busy as I first thought it would be.

The Counter is the place to go if you want a really customized burger. On the menu was a kitchen ticket had every choice of burgers, buns, cheese, toppings, and sauces. It is a little daunting to try to figure out what to put on the burger. There are so many choices. I went with a 2/3 pound burger with Tilamook Cheddar cheese, lettuce, sauteed onions, peproncinis, chipotle aioli and a side of french fries.


The fries came out within about five minutes. The fries were shoestring cut and fried crisp and seasoned with some type of seasoned salt. I opted for the regular fries, but they also serve Parmesan fries and sweet potato fries. I was a little concerned why the fries came out so early. I wanted to eat them with my burger, not as an appetizer. Thankfully the burgers came within the next few minutes.

I was pleased to see that the burgers were presented very well. They came on a rectangular white plate and were presented with the top bun off. The buns were toasted nicely (only on the inside…) and were nice and thick. The burger itself was very thick and you could see the char from the grill. The cheese was thick and fresh (rather than processed!) and the onions had that awesome caramelized brown color. I almost forgot about the lettuce and pepperoncinis as they were hidden by the thick burger.I fell in love with this burger at first bite. I ordered it medium well and they hit it right on. All of the flavors melded together very nicely, but the burger was the star. The meat was nicely seasoned and juicy.

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The Counter is a great restaurant. The concept of a customizable burger is not unique, but is very cool here. There are other places that do the same, but this is the first place I’ve seen do it with so many choices. They have something to please everyone, even the non-meat lover.

My only complaint is that there was no bacon on my burger. I couldn’t justify adding another dollar to this already wallet busting burger. The customization is awesome, but this is a place that I would reserve for more special occasions. The burgers are fantastic but are definitely not a bang for your buck.

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